Our Strengths


BOWLING MACHINE: BOLA make, made in England. It can help the batsman hone his skills for facing pace bowlers upto the speed of 150 kms/hour. The machine can also swing the ball, spin the ball and it’s utility is helping the batsman improve the specific skills required in the absence of sufficient bowlers. Also the machine can be set according to the skill improvement required. The machine can also be used in fielding practice.
Bowling Machine
Cement pitch
Cement pitch: A cement pitch is available to provide continuous net practice in monsoon also.
Turf pitches: A facility of 8 turf pitches is available, which are useful in cricket nets, players enrich their cricketing skills-batting, bowling and also wicket keeping.

Astro turf: Specially imported from New Zealand, the astro turf is unique in the sense- it provides the feeling of hardness of the pitches available in Australia, South Africa and West Indies. Boys practice on the pitch to improvise the skill required for facing genuine pace bowlers. The pitch can also be used in monsoon, when the natural turf pitches are soaked in rain waters.
Turf pitches
Video Camera
Video Camera: Video is very useful in analysis of the game. The experts evaluate the drawbacks in the techniques and suggest appropriate tips for improvement in the skills and elimination of flaws.
Gymnasium: A modern gymnasium is set up, where in the young aspirants can build their strength and muscle power.
Mechanized Ground Roller
Mechanized Ground Roller: Mechanized ground roller for effective maintenance of the pitches
Fully Techno Savvy Office: Fully techno savvy office set up is available for managing the affairs of the institute.

Staff: Skilled and dedicated coaches and trainers who have excelled in their field during their playing days are available to guide the players in -2- sessions – morning and evening.

Rehabilitation of sports injuries: Experts – Physiotherapists are available to take care of injuries sustained during practice and matches.

Participation: Our teams participate in various divisions of H D Zaveri League and other major tournaments organized by Baroda Cricket Association. Players of all groups get an opportunity to represent our team. It grooms them for future tough competitions and enables them to climb the ladder of success.

The facilities available at our institute can also be useful of track and field events and Indian games like Kho-Kho and Kabbadi.